Giclée Fine Art Printing


We can copy your Artwork* or print your photos on canvas or a variety of quality papers.


A one time set-up fee is required for Fine Art Giclée Reproduction and is comprised of Scanning + Color Balancing + Test Printing and Averages between  $125-300 in addition to the cost of the actual prints.



             A Giclée (pronounced zhee-clay) refers to both a category of collectible fine art similar to lithographs and serigraphs, as well as a type of digitally created fine art print. However, not all digital prints are giclees - only prints that adhere to strict printmaking standards can be called a Giclee'.
             The word "giclée" dates back to 1989 and is derived from the French word gicler which roughly means "To spray or squirt" referring to the digital inkjet printing process. During printing, millions of microscopic droplets of ink per second are applied to the print media.  A giclée is a high-end fine art print recognized as "the next best thing to owning the original, or in the case of certain art created by digital artists, each giclée is an "original". Giclee's can be found on display in the world's finest museums and art galleries, often they can be hard to distinguish from originals.

             Our definition of a giclée is, "A fine art print created by a printmaker adhering to strict standards that utilizes special high resolution digital equipment throughout the workflow process leaving no evidence of the technology used while providing archival quality consistent with that of a collectible fine art print."

*Images Protected by Copyright Law will not be copied without written permission of the artist or holder of copyright.

Photo Printing


We can print your photos on canvas or a variety of quality papers including traditional Glossy or Luster Photo papers.


When printed on canvas your photo or art can be gallery wrapped with several options


                 First , you image can be mounted onto standard 3/4” bars, 1-1/2” deep, or 2” deep bars with:

                                  A. some of the image wrapped around edge (Image will cropped to the sides)

                                  B.  Full image with white, black, neutral, or any chosen color on edges

                                  C.  Image edges can be reproduced, and mirrored on edges keeping full image on front (extra 10% will be added )